Resumption objective: change is now

Whether you are a job seeker or a current post, you sometimes scan through job postings or even register on job posting sites on each resumption.

Your goal is probably to find a company that will allow you to achieve the following goals:

  • Have a raise
  • Have a new challenge
  • Evolve in a new team
  • Have a job closer to you

It is important to stay tuned to the market, but before committing you must know your goals.

Once your goals have been set, prepare your CV and update it over time. If you are registered on employment sites, do not hesitate to activate alerts.

Alerts allow you to stay tuned to the market and respond to offers that meet your goals.

You can also send your CV to specialized recruitment firms, they will come back to you to take stock and respond to your request.

Chez KRH-Recrutement nous recrutons et accompagnons de nombreux candidats dans la réalisation de leurs objectifs. Vous souhaitez recevoir une augmentation de votre employeur ?

Our teams discuss an increase with your management, we take stock with your management on the work you do and their satisfaction, then we then negotiate an increase that is close to what you want. To get a raise he doesn't have to leave his business, especially when everything is going well.

Do you want to get closer to home?

Do not hesitate to contact local companies in your sector even if they are not recruiting, they may open a position out of pure opportunity.

Whatever your goals, the most important thing is to define them and find the opportunities. Nowadays with Linkedin and job boards as well as recruitment firms and temp agency you have several tools to achieve your goals.